Meditation for Children


What is Meditation?

Meditation is the adventure to relax deeply into what you truly are. It is just to be, not looking for any actions, results or objectives. It is a time off , a time with no time, just a deep sense of what we are.

Is meditation for children?

If you read the definition of meditation, you will find that children are born already in that state. They do not need to do anything, they do not expect anything, they are just there, absorbing life and responding to the external stimulus.
They have no mind, they are not aware of their physical body, they are only guided by a powerful sensibility that allow them to connect to the subtlest aspects of their life. They are living sponges accumulating information thought the senses. This process, eventually create a perception and progress to form concepts and ideas.

As children grow older they forget that natural state of “emptiness”, the senses move them out of that quiet center and they start exploring the world they had choose to live in.

In these moments we need to supply to the child some tools to maintain connection with that natural state of being. To be aware of themselves as they perform earthly activities.

Contemplation, concentration and motor coordination in the meditation process are just steps to allow the mind to go inward and to observe the natural state of being. When the child is utterly relaxed in that inner center, this is meditation.
The reason we suggest meditation for children is to establish a habit of inner connection that will make the entire mental, physical and mental system of the child strong to endure the constant seduction of their senses to go out of themselves to find happiness and well being.

In other words, as we knowledge that the child is already in a state of natural meditation, we are also aware that the journey in the world will require tools to endure it as well as to remember the natural state of repose in oneself.


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