Balancing Your Child’s Mind/Mood with “Sa Ta Na Ma”

Sa Ta Na Ma is a favorite of children.  It balances the 4-elements (see nutrition) and helps communication.  It clears out of your mind angry feelings about something that happened to you at school or at home or your hurt feelings about an event with your best friend. It is like giving your mind a shower.

Sa = Infinity, universe

Ta = Life

Na = Death

Ma = Rebirth

Sit in easy pose with your spine straight and rest your hands on your knees with palms facing up.

As you say:

Sa – press your thumb and index finger together

Ta – press your thumb and middle finger together

Na – press your thumb and ring finger together

Ma – press your thumb and baby finger together

First chant out loud for 1 minute, whisper for 1 minute, silently for 2 minutes, whisper for 1 minute and then out loud for 1 minute.

How do you feel? Calm, energized and relaxed.  Make sure you celebrate your achievement.  It is a perfect meditation to do just before bed or before rising. Doing it for 40 consecutive days will make you happy, calm and balanced.

This meditation is from the Club Yoga Teacher Training Manual.


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