Affirming the Child’s Natural Identity – “I Am” Meditation


I am Iam I am Meditation

Your child is a unique, perfect and beautiful manifestation of what he/she is.  This meditation reaffirms that sense of goodness and perfection with relaxation of  one’s psyque and inducing a subtle affirmation of our true nature.

How to do it:

  1. Sit in easy pose with your spine straight.
  2. Bring your right hand to your right knee and let it rest there.
  3. Bring your left hand with the palm flat and fingers straight 2 inches from your heart center, say “I am.”
  4. Move your left hand 4 inches away from your heart center and say “I am.”
  5. Move your left hand again 6 inches from your heart center and say again “I am.”
  6. Move your hands back to the starting position (2 inches) and continue the cycle again.  Say “I am” each time you move your hand.  Repeat for 3 to 5 minutes.  Complete the meditation by inhaling and exhaling deeply.

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