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Article – “Why Certify Yourself to be a Yoga Teacher for Children?”


Have you wanted to teach yoga to children and to feel that child like wonder in yourself again and be an active voice for generations to come?

Teaching yoga to children is a unique personal experience and brings many benefits to both the teacher and the children. The training itself will transform you and seven generations to come as you embark on this personal journey of re-discovering your creative self and your own true voice.

Have you every watched a child play with his/her favorite toy, totally present in the moment? Children are our master teachers and share their natural wisdom, innocence and joy with everyone they come in contact with. I learn something from children in every class.

Children love the sense of adventure created by story telling, yoga games, movement to music, props, singing art etc. They jump at the chance to lead “Teacher Says” or affirmations that build their confidence, leadership and self-esteem. As a teacher you will learn to follow their lead as the energy shifts e.g. doing the wave breath with a friendly lizard on their tummy to rowing a boat (pose) across the ocean singing as they go.

You will again contact the child in you that may have missed something at that age and now you give it to yourself by becoming the guide, the parent and the child you always wanted to be.  One teacher said, “I feel like being a child again whenever I am with a Club Yoga class. I feel free to be curious and to discover, and to be open, just like an innocent child. The energy of the Club Yoga class and training is liberating and penetrating.”

With teaching you will experience gratitude and humility that you have helped open a space for children to excel and be in touch with their true nature. Children are more energized, uplifted and worry free after a class laughing and running around the room, playing with friends.

As a parent, you sometimes feel powerless in certain situations? Club Yoga teacher training can certainly help and you will learn tools to enrich your relationship with your child/children. Yoga is for the whole family! It will show you how to teach children of all ages. This training will help you to contribute to the development of free, self-confident, happy and healthy children.

For more information call Anamda at 613-228-9235 or email

 Anamda Sly is a community nurse with over 30 years of experience in health promotion/teaching and is a graduate of the Bioenergetics Institute holding two certificates in Club Yoga teacher training (children & teen yoga).


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