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It is almost a month since our arrival back from Southern India. Kannur, in Kerala, was very hot this year with less rain so everyone was conserving water.  We had less water for showers after Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments.  It was not an inconvenience really and again the benefits to the body, mind and soul were life changing!

The three girls in this photo reflected to me their natural innocence, spontaneity and joy in every moment.  I could easily forget about the heat and humidity when in their company during a sacred ceremony, called a Tayyam.  I felt a real sense of community with and between families and observed their curiosity in seeing Canadian women in Sarees.  They had a good giggle and so did we! We discovered each other’s cultural uniqueness and embraced it.

For me, this experience was a form of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion and love, reflected in the beautiful Indian bhajans (devotional songs), mantras & with the ceremony.  In this presence, the mind naturally becomes less chatty and more calm and peaceful.  So naturally we understand why yoga is so popular in North America and wonderful to give children the tools at a young age.

Club Yoga children’s teacher training is rich in providing a sound base to yoga and applying this to children. The training reviews the history of yoga, the types of yoga/benefits and how children naturally do yoga in their daily life.  They have all the poses inside of them and do them in a spontaneous way, unique to them.












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