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Yoga Games using Props


There are an infinite number of games that a parent or teacher can develop and do with children in a group. The games include yoga poses using a prop in a group.  Children love to interact and have fun so enjoy the group activity. They can even invent their own game.  Yoga games help develop self-awareness and increase self-discipline and coordination of both the body and mind. Here are a few examples.

Working in partners using balloons – Two children face each other and hold a balloon in place between their two heads and bend down with spine straight.  Have them chant HAR as they bend down and when they straighten up. Doing this movement  10 times gives the spine a nice workout, helps the children’s focus and builds collaboration and trust in a fun way.

Here is a fun Ball Game

Bowling –Have the children except one sit in Butterfly pose and about an arm’s length away representing bowling pins. The remaining child rolls a ball towards the pins to knock them down.  Whatever child gets hit by the ball is out of the game.

Friend/Partner devotional Meditation

Two people sit facing each other in easy/rock pose with a ball in-between them. Both people place hands gently on top of ball. Play a gentle mantra e.g. Sat Nam with one partner pushing the ball toward the other partner causing them to bow down with hands extended on the ball (exhaling), then the other partner pushes back returning the bowing motion to their partner (exhaling). When you are coming up receive the bow with gratitude and Inhale slowly. Return the bow and exhale slowly and repeat for increments of 1, 3 or 7 minutes.

Bowing:  “Make me your servant today, anything you throw at me today, I am ready for.”



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