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Ayurveda Tips – Balancing Vata in the Fall



Children love to play in the fall leaves although it can be a challenge for Vata children as exposure to cold weather is aggravating to them. Cold, light, dry, irregular, rough, moving, quick, changeable

Vata is the force of propulsion and it governs all movement, including muscles, nerve impulses and thoughts. Vata literally means ‘wind’. Vata is a subtle dosha that goes out of balance easily. Vata is the element of ether and air in the body. Ether has a spacey quality, and air has movement and vata senses are hearing and touch. When the external environment changes, it increases Vata in our own internal environment.

Vata gets high in the autumn due to cold, dry and mobile qualitiies i.e.  the weather is irregular and windy. Other things that aggravates Vata children are travel, irregular hours, constant stimulation, frequent change, loud noises, sugar and caffeine.

Here are some food tips for the Vata Constitution (Dosha):

Children need a warming diet with the emphasis on sweet and sour tastes and salt in moderation. Foods need to be moist and heavy with meals eaten at regular times of the day. \Warm cooked foods made with a little Olive oil or Ghee have a soothing effect right away and calms Vata. Warm drinks are good too, hot milk with a pinch of ginger and honey.  Cold sandwiches, cold cereals with cold milk, dry crackers, etc. should be avoided.

Here are some other recommendations:

  1. Avoid cold drinks or cooling foods as well as refined sugars, caffeine.
  2. Root vegetables are great in the fall in warm stews or with a stir fry.
  3. All vegetables should be cooked as raw vegetables are drying for Vata
  4. Avoid dry crackers and breads and sprouted wheat, oats, rice and quinoa tend to be the best grains for Vata.
  5. Sesame and almond oil are great for Vata.
  6. Fresh fruits are good except for apples and pears unless they are cooked.
  7. Sesame seeds and almond and cashew nuts are good for Vata.

Stay tuned to more Ayurvedic tips in October.


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