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Part 2 – Music/Yoga in Harmony


Lets talk about living in harmony for a minute. In Ayurveda it means being in harmony with one’s own environment (internal and external) and this includes the balanced use of the senses. This can be a challenge just thinking of the hearing sense, as we are bombarded with all kinds of sounds – radio, TV, traffic, construction, appliances and the list goes on.

If we listen carefully, the sounds of nature will cover the man-made sounds and give a temporary relief e.g. water running in a pond covers the sound of traffic.  We also have our internal sounds or internal music – thoughts.  So the use of sound does heal and has been used for centuries.  You may ask, why sound heals?  Think of everything in nature vibrating at a certain frequency. When our bodies are exposed to other frequencies of vibration, new patterns of vibration may result.  Our natural frequencies become “out of tune” and can lead to illness.

Sound healing returns our patterns of vibration to normal and sound heals physical, emotional and mental trauma and some sounds lead us to a higher state of being.  Children naturally are in tune with a higher frequency so respond naturally to all music and particularly love “mantras.”  So no wonder music and yoga go together so well.

In Ayurveda, each body type (dosha) is balanced by certain styles of music. We have been talking about Vata dosha being affected in the fall by the change of season (to Vata season) and another way to help the Vata child is to have them listen to soft, slow with low tones and easy rhythm.  Because Vata children are rhythmic they will like folk dances, waltzes and Indian chants.

Stay tuned to more about balancing doshas with sound and learning more about the chakras and the sounds that resonate with them – vowels and mantras.  If you will like to experience a experiential workshop in November devoted to “The Chakras and Sound” due email or give a call.


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