Sound – The Second Chakra

pw_ch_chakras_second_chakra_svadhisthana_01_200[1]The second chakra  (Swadhisthana – sweetness, dwelling place of the self) is located just below your pelvic area with the function of creativity, sexuality, shame and guilt.  The chakras show us our progress through life. With the lower chakras we explore our physical body, than our emotions and thirdly we develop an image of the world through our mind.  Our consciousness grows up through the lower chakras (material world).

The element associated with this chakra is the water element and the flow of emotions. The body parts are the uterus, ovaries, testicles, prostate, genitals, spleen and bladder. Every chakra has a gland and for the second chakra it is the ovaries, testes. The cat/cow, cobra, butterfly, frog and pelvic lifts (bridge pose) are good to balance this chakra.

The symbol is the white crescent moon and the animal the crocodile who represents sexual vigor and moves with serpentine motion, with a senuous nature.  The second chakra mind has the habits of hunting, trickery, floating, sunbathing.  It is the vehicle of Varuna, the Lord of water.

The sense is taste and the color is orange. The chakras developas an individual grows and represents the psychological patterns.  The maturing of the chakras is affected by blocking out unpleasant experiences.

The best way to open, energize and balance the chakras is to love ourselves and others
unconditionally. We create our own reality by our thinking which in turn affects our energy.

Each chakra is seen in the form of a lotus, a circle around the mantra (shape of element), surrounded by a certain number of petals.  Each chakra has a seed sound (Bija mantra or seed sounds that awaken the divine energy in the body) associated with it.

The note or tone of this chakra is D and the Vowel is OOO/O (you/ewe).  The Bija mantra associated with it is VAM.  It is the sound essence of the chakra, its seed. Focus your attention on the chakra as you make its sound as a note, vowel or mantra sound.  Again this is part of a chakra balancing exercise and can be done with voice, piano, singing bowl etc.

Also of interest, there are chakras of the Earth that have similar functions to the chakras of the human body. These chakras of Earth give us life, balance and opportunities for transformation. Our body receives regularly the vibration of the chakras of the Earth, especially from areas where we visit or live.  So one can see we are not separate from the Earth and that we share one same pulsation/vibration.

The second chakra is in the area of Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia.  Components of the second chakra are the ego, personality and alchemy. This is an introduction to another chakra training course in 2014 with the focus on the earth chakras. Take time to chant a mantra or vowel every day and see what changes for you. Remember mantras can be spoken or chanted and help clear our energy field of impressions.  They help free the mind.”Manas” or “Mind” and “Trai (“free from the mind).  Next month we will look at the 3rd Chakra, or Solar Plexus.


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