Fourth Chakra (Anahata)


The FOURTH chakra is the HEART and is located in the center of your chest.  It means “unstruck sound.” It vibrates in the key of F and is associated with the color GREEN. The gland connected to it is the thymus which is part of the immune system. It is the center through which we love and have connectedness with all life.  The soul resides in the heart, the unchanging eternal aspect of ourselves.

The deer or black antelope is the animal associated with it and is graceful and gentle, qualities of a fourth chakra person. You will see innocence and purity in the eyes of this person.  The fourth chakra represents the element is air and the mantras are AH and YAM (Tibetan).  The symbol is a gray six pointed star.

The chakras in children are constantly developing and are a mirror to the stage of child development . This chakra is developing when a child is between 4-7 years of age and a time that children learn right from wrong, develop family relationships, learn to play with others, develop imagination and creativity. With a loving and kind parent, the child will learn to communicate with himself and others in a similar way.



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