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Yoga for the Heart

Enjoy doing yoga for the Heart this February month.


Relaxing Baby Pose

I am sure your children do this pose naturally.  Have them sit on their heals and bring the forhead to the ground and arms by their side. Relax in this position, feeling right at home and comfy. Breathe in and out deeply and continue for 3 to 5 minutes.

This pose will re-energize tired children and parents.  Doing 3 minutes is like having an hour and a half of sleep. 


This pose gently relaxes and stretches the spine. It also compresses the pelvic area, relieving gas and is therefore especially good for Vata children. 

Revolving Fists Warm-up

Have your children start with closed fists at the chest, in front of the heart centre and with your children revolve hands in circles (clockwise) as fast as you all can, keeping the fists close to each other.  This warm-up done for 1-2 minutes will put a smile on everyone’s face and it will improve the motor coordination of your children.

The Washing Machine (upper torsal twists)

This is a fun warm-up with your children sitting in easy pose and fingers interlaced behind their head. Have them turn to look to the right, then twist and look toward the left, twisting from the base of the spine. The head moves with the shoulders. Add the breath by inhaling to the left and exhaling to the right.


The whole spine is loosened and adjusted.


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