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6th Chakra – “Ajna”


The Sixth chakra is the Brow point, also known as the THIRD EYE.  It is located between the two eyebrows. 

It is about the “sixth sense” and connects us with our inner intuitions. Psychic abilities and imagination are connected with this chakra. One can receive non-verbal messages and foresee the future. It’s main function is to be in the flow of life.

The Third Eye Chakra’s element is light. Even though the third eye is blind, it has a deep vision because it’s directed inside. Anja governs and connects the conscious and the unconscious mind. “AJNA” means to command and to know. The element is light or mind space and its function is to energize the central nervous system and part of the brain.

The gland connected to it is the “pituitary gland”, the master gland of the body. This chakra is symbolized by a golden triangle and the color – indigo or violet. It vibrates to the Key of A.  To sound it out say “AYE” seven times. It sounds like the Canadian “EH”.  The Tibetan  mantra is KSHAM.


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