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Ayurveda – Getting to know your child’s doshas




AYURVEDA  holds the secret to keep your children happy and healthy. The philosophy of Ayurveda is based on a combination of the five elements in nature and in our bodies. Each child has a unique body type (kid-type) or dosha:

Vata – the magic elf

Pitta – the invincible warrior

Kapha – adorable teddy bear

We are all made of the basic elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Air and ether combine to create Vata; Pitta is derived from fire and water; and water and earth constitute Kapha. All physical functions of the body are governed by these three characteristics.

Lets look at the lead dosha – “Vata”.  If your child is on the thin side, has spurts of energy and then fades, is a light sleeper, anxious or fearful when stressed and has a  tendency to have a variable appetite, then his constitution is likely Vata.  Vata is a combination of air and ether. It relates to the winter season which is cold, light, dry and rough in nature and so Vata dosha has the same properties.

The Vata functions are body movements, blood circulation, respiration, excretion, speech, sensation, touch and hearing. With emotions, it presents as fear, anxiety, grief, enthusiasm and bodily urges. Different factors influence Vata and the other two doshas: age, season of year, lifestyle, nutrition, and so forth.

When your Vata child is out of balance he/she will experience constipation, gaseous distention, weakness, arthritis, pneumonia, excessively dry skin, dry lips, hair, palpitations, breathlessness, muscle tension, etc. Their mind becomes restless and irritable and hyperactive.  Remember Vata is air and movement and when out of balance causes a restless child who has a hard time focusing for a long period of time and forgets quickly.

The dosha is pacified using nutrition that provides the opposite traits. Your Vata (Winter kid-type) child will do well with a tonifying, strengthening and warming diet with an emphasis on sweet (natural) and sours tastes.  Salt is fine in moderation.  Foods should be heavy and moist, and meals are better eaten at regular times each day. Remember your Vata child also does better with routine to manage the air and movement of the dosha and should get enough sleep. Travelling will easily disrupt the dosha.

So this is a short summary of Vata dosha and Pitta and Kapha doshas are just as interesting to discover! 






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