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“Beautiful Rainbow Kids”



Children are like beautiful, unique rainbows as they experience the varied colors of the world.  Every child brings his/her own unique color and natural state of being to the world.  How often have you noticed your children do this? They naturally create their own bubble to experience the world and yoga and meditation helps them do this in a balanced way.

Children are like sponges as they learn about the world through their senses. Have you noticed that they can sit quietly for a long time with their toys, puzzles and building blocks? Observe your children during quiet time and let them experience their own creative selves, uniqueness and inner wisdom. Let them explore the world by playing, a time with no demands, dead-lines or expectations to perform.

Children have their own bubble, empty with no mind and not thinking about how to do anything?  They just immerse themselves into the flow of the moment and discover themselves with the stimulation of the senses. They might need to release some pent up energy as they jump on a trampoline non-stop. Children also love to create their own magical world, either alone or doing with a friend. Their imaginations are stimulated with the help of colorful objects or toys representing various aspects of the world.

One 3-year old I know has been collecting a fleet of fire trucks for a few months now.  At his birthday party he was very focused as he checked out the all parts of his new fire truck. He is developing his creativity, a sense of self and the world and logical thinking by learning/experiencing everything he can about fire trucks and fireman.  The color red and the role of the fire truck are helping him learn about the qualities of the fire element, how it manifests in the world and his role is e.g. helping people that bring out qualities of caring, compassion and sharing. He told his mother recently that he saved some babies.  He often wears a red shirt, his fireman hat and boots and sounds his fireman loud speaker.

As children grow older they are pushed out of their bubble by their senses as they explore the world with parents, school, teachers and friends.  They need tools to maintain connection to their natural state of being and to be self-aware and what better way to do this then with meditation. Children of course are natural meditators because they have not yet lost their innocence and joy. One of my yoga students loved doing “Sa Ta Na Ma”, a meditation to balance the body and mind. One evening she saw a movie and ran to her room after seeing a scary movie. She sat on her bed and started doing this meditation and within a few minutes she was happy and secure again.

As a yoga teacher I have observed children develop concentration and focus by learning just this mantra which has hand movements along with the voice expression. They close their eyes and do their best to move their hands correctly. One day I arrived at a Mother’s Day class and the toddlers were sitting in a row doing the meditation with a smile on their face. So children pick up the beautiful vibration of mantras, establish the habit of being with their inner self – calm, focused, content and able to respond to the movement of the senses.

At home the best way to do this is through a regular routine – having quiet play time and time for some yoga and a short meditation. You can learn various yoga tools and teach them to your children or other groups in a fun and spontaneous way. Club Yoga offers an interactive, creative training program where you can experience how to peak the imagination and engage children in yoga, co-creating the class together.

For more information about Club Yoga Teacher Training and parenting workshops –  Registration – call Anamda at 613-228-9235 or email   Anamda Sly is a Club Yoga master teacher and is a graduate of the Bioenergetics Institute holding two certificates in Club Yoga teacher training (children & teen yoga).


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