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How Meditation Helps Balance Work and Family Life


Do you feel like getting off the treadmill to be back in touch with your natural self- rhythm and pace? Unwinding for even a hour a day can bring you into a more relaxed and calm place. Doing a meditation class will give you experience and some practical tips to balance your work and family life.

1. Step away from routine

Do you find it hard to leave your iPhone off or feel addicted to checking emails and facebook?  I have caught myself checking frequently, just looking for stimulation which is the opposite of relaxation. It is a sigh of relief to just turn off all these links to the world.

2. Fresh air

Going outside and experiencing nature around you makes for relaxation. Pulling weeds in the garden, raking leaves and planting flowers all put us back in touch with the nourishing and grounding properties of earth. Kids naturally love to play for hours outside in the backyard. A few yoga moves with your kids can turn the switch to “relax mode”.


Adults need to re-learn to smile when you consider a person smiles maybe 3 times in a day, whereas a baby smells a 100 times in a day. My teacher says, “relax, be happy”, so simple and yet we tend to complicate things and focus on the things not working in our life rather than the beauty of the moment. If we take some time for reflection and fun, solutions pop up easily for any potential problem.

4. Trust your inner wisdom

Learn to trust your inner voice who knows you best – when you are tired, discouraged etc. When you hear your inner wisdom, your inner voice, speak to you, it may be a good idea to listen. Your inner wisdom knows you better than anyone. It knows when you feel tired, discouraged and impatient. It will tell you to slow down and just trust. And of course if we don’t listen the lesson gets bigger.

5. Forgive yourself

Being angry is exhausting. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, own it and then forgive yourself. Don’t try to fix anything or try to make it better. Just accept that you don’t need to be perfect and that life is about experiencing and learning from all your interactions in life. We all learn about ourselves through others and also the art of compassion.

6. Gratitude

Think of all the things in your life you are grateful for, e.g. family, children, friends, a good job, good health and so forth. Takes a few minutes each day to write something you feel grateful for.  It could be a challenging event too that shows you your sense of pride. This can be a real awakening.

7. Remember…no one is perfect.

Our culture is all about the perfect body, mind, parent, worker etc. when in fact perfection breeds anxiety. It actually creates a persona or false sense of identity in the form of an energy field. Focus on being you, open to learning, new experiences and having a sense of self-responsibility.

8. Wellness

Your body is your temple so it is important to look after it with good nutrition, proper rest, exercise and good lifestyle Remember to balance your body, mind, emotions and spirit and not put too much focus on one and not the other. Balance is key here.

9. Sleep/Nutrition

Sleep is so important to allow your body to repose and regenerate on a daily basis. Without adequate sleep, fatigue, anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming. Eating fresh, whole foods and a variety of foods from all the Food Groups is important.  Make mealtime a fun time to be creative in the kitchen.  You will be surprised how good food tastes when you add your own ounce of creativity and allow your children to put a measure of their own in as well.

10. Learn to say no

It’s difficult sustaining the habit of being all things to all people. When you do, you leave little for yourself. Saying “no,” is setting a boundary that is reasonable, and healthy.

These are all great tips although meditation itself is the tool that will bring you into a quiet space of clarity and calmness. Experience is the best teacher!




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