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Children love to mimic camels, these animals who are sometimes called “Ships of the Desert”, walking hundreds of miles carrying spices, or fine silk clothes. Camel pose will open your heart and is also good for conditions like asthma and bronchitis as the backbend stretches the spine and opens the chest and the shoulders. One important point is not to do this pose if you have neck problems as it does put pressure on the neck.

How to do the pose:

1. Kneel with your knees and feet about hip-distance apart. To make kneeling easier you can use a folded blanket to kneel on and imagine it is nice soft sand that the camel walks on.

2. Lean back gently, bringing your left hand and then your right hand onto your heels. Like the camel you may need to turn your neck to look where your heels are. You bring your head back and gaze up to the star lit sky of the desert.

3. Push your hips forward so that your thighs become vertical and lift your chest. Do a couple of deep breaths as you gaze up.

4. Release your hands one at a time and kneel down going into Baby (Mouse) Pose which gives a gentle counter-stretch to your spine. Imagine you are a camel sleeping in the desert in a community of other camels and people.




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