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The “Pilgrimage” of Children’s Yoga Training




Have you ever gone on a “pilgrimage” before? It is a very special individual journey, a quest of learning about yourself, both inside and out? There have been various pilgrimages all over the world since ancient times e.g. the journey of the Magi. So what does a pilgrimage have to do with children’s yoga or training to teach children?

Let’s review what is involved in embarking on this special type of pilgrimage:


You have the desire or intention to experience something new that gives you a source of awe. Think of how seeing a beautiful sunset made your heart flutter with gratitude to see such beauty. A pilgrimage gives you a chance to reclaim a lost or forgotten part of yourself and is outside of the normal routine, opening the space for something new to happen. It allows you to be like children doing things naturally and without effort; they just follow what life presents to them in every moment.

Doing the Pilgrimage

Let go of Expectations

On any pilgrimage, you cannot plan how things will go. There may be unexpected surprises and challenges to enhance learning and transformation. The same holds for training to be a yoga teacher. You can have a theme and outline for your class; however, the children will bring their energy into the class in various ways that one may not expect. They have their own unique foot-steps for their own personal yoga pilgrimage.

Walk humbly & give of yourself and accept the gifts of others

Pilgrims, as travelers, are foreign to their environment and find themselves in a new place, a new landscape and a new culture. They rely on the hospitality of strangers for food and shelter and may leave a gift as a symbol of their friendship. Doing yoga with children allows the teacher to provide diversified experiences in the class, to stimulate their imagination and bring the children together in a cooperative way e.g. partner yoga, making a mandala together, toy exchange etc.

See the world from a new perspective

In Canada we are enriched by having such a beautiful mosaic of cultures living in harmony together. Children benefit and enjoy doing a yoga class dedicated to a particular country and share their experiences with the other children through songs, stories, music, food, clothes etc.

Use the journey to embrace both community and solitude

A pilgrimage is a great opportunity to be by oneself and to embark on an inner, as well as an outer quest. In training you will experience this through meditations, yoga knowledge, children’s yoga classes etc. You will also learn from other people in training as well as spontaneously experiencing your own inner vision and unique approach to teaching children.

Take something home with you

Whether on a pilgrimage or doing a yoga training, you take home new perspectives, knowledge wrapped in experiences and have a new space within to express yourself with children in a fun and joyful way. Some of your momentos as a teacher may be seeing a child laugh, doing a mantra with complete concentration or leading a yoga warm-up. And most of all, the children give you the gift of yoga.




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