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The Family Soundlight Experience – Discover Your Unique Color!



The many colors of “Thottada Beach”, Kerala, flow through the land, sky, sea and people. It is an experience of simplicity and pure beauty with a calm ocean in the early morning, a soft breeze whispering sweet measures of sound, families walking arm and arm along the pristine beach and a sunset that cannot be described in words. This natural “paradise” is the perfect place for reflection and inquiry with “nature” singing sweet melodies at the break of dawn.

Sound is as rich as all the vibrant colors of India! During my recent trip to Kerala I discovered the sweetness of the Ukelele, not a regular instrument in India; but nevertheless, soft and sweet to the ear. I will qualify this though, considering my beginner fingers that became more agile with practice! Of course, the lovely part is that there are no off-tune sounds; all sounds are to be expressed.

Sound is healing to the mind, body and spirit and touches us inside, in our inner core of being. Sound plays our body like an instrument and unlocks a doorway to discover and heal ourselves.

Sound therapy works miracles with the sick, those recovering from an illness or accident and for anyone with a physical, emotional or mental disorder/disability. Children love sound, music and dance and have no inhibitions to allow the vibration to flow through them. After all we are made of sound which forms us and it can re-align the body where there is disharmony right down to a cellular level.

Sound is not separate from light and is made of invisible filaments that form everything in creation and it communicates between form and the formless. It is “Soundlight” which flickers in and out with various vibrations and creates our reality (forms matter). Our hormones are musical instruments that are receptive to the sound of our voice. So our inner and outer conversations are organizing the cells of our body, and we create our particular life and circumstances.

Sound can be misused by people and society e.g. watching too much television and electronic devices, the frequency locking us in and making us feel dull and depressed. If you live in the city, the body and mind is often burdened with all kinds of distorted vibrations, like the siren of an ambulance or construction equipment. So limiting the use of modern technology helps maintain balanced living. Spending some time singing or playing an instrument, listening to music etc. with our children makes for a more balanced vibration, free from distortion.

Do we take time to listen to our own body and what it is saying to us in any given moment? Our body has lots to tell us and it welcomes the healing properties of “Soundlight”. It takes us to another dimension or space by building frequencies. Have you ever gone to a concert, opera or Kirtan concert and felt the effects of beautiful music and mantras? The mind goes into relaxation mode and all the stresses of the day wash away.

When we create harmonics with sound, it reminds our bodies of something – of light, joy, peace and our own naturally illuminated heart. You can have a picture of how sound moves when you wave your body or move your hands. Singing or toning together is very powerful especially at the end of the music. The silence is pregnant with frequencies to be absorbed.  

The harmonics open a door; they altar something. We are actually creating a harmony of thought when we harmonize together. A frequency is broadcasted and the sound travels. So the quality of our voice and speech has a very powerful effect on everyone. And so goes the saying, “Be careful what you think or speak. Your life is shaped by your thoughts.”








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