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Family Workshop to Create Your Own Mandala


Have you ever noticed that there are many shapes in nature and in the universe  example, the circle is a very common shape seen with the sun, moon, earth and planets. The moon and the sun both light our way, one by night and one by day. The circle is a symbol of how we are ALL connected as one and can all shine together. Flowers and insects also carry many shapes – like triangles (3 sides), squares (4 sides) and pentagons (5-sided shape) and many more all connected to numbers. For example, the butterfly has many triangle shapes on its wings and the triangle is number three as it has three sides.

Flowers can have three or four petals or more so also have a geometric shape. The four leaf clover forms a square which represents the four elements. So nature uses shapes and numbers to build the universe. Isn’t this fascinating!

It is believed that all these various shapes hold deep meaning and that all the numbers are sacred. This is called sacred geometry that charts the unfolding of number in space. Today I would like to focus on “Mandalas” –what they are and how they are used in meditation and healing. The mandala is also a form of sacred geometry and is also the shape of a circle and has a concentric structure and may have a lot of squares and triangles in its structure.

Coloring mandalas bring us inward into a more meditative state. A mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. Even though it may be dominated by squares or triangles, a mandala has a concentric structure (2 or more circles with the same center point). Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. The meanings of individual mandalas is usually different and unique to each mandala.

When we look at mandalas we find them visually appealing and they focus the mind so chattering thoughts decrease and allows the more creative part of our mind to have more freedom. So we use mandalas as a form of meditation to contact our inner world.

Before meditating, we must first set an intention. Normally, we select a mandala that appeals to us. It is good to know what the meaning of mandala you’ve chosen – or set your own meanings/intention before focusing on it.

Once we focus on the mandala our eyes take in the beauty of the designs, allowing the mind to wander as it will. Don’t be surprised to have a chatty mind come up and just focus again on the color and form of the mandala. Children can easily fall into the mandala, to be absorbed by it and are happy, relaxed in this inner quiet space.

Children love to color and paint their own mandala. This allows their creative brain to come out and play. Putting on relaxing music or a mantra with or without music enhances the whole process. A simple circle that children can draw with “invisible” ink is also a source of inner communication.




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