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Meditation to Enhance Children’s Communication

images1420QDIISaa Ray Saa Saa is a beautiful meditation to enhance family and children’s communication and to help them feel the connection between earth and the subtle energy. It is suggested to be done at the full moon with the movement being that of “opening and closing the lotus flower.”

So sit in easy pose with your spine straight, hands in prayer pose at the level of the navel. As you chant the first part of the mantra (first three lines) slowly raise your hands and open them until they are in full lotus position, like a flower. Then invert the hands as you chant the last three lines of the mantra. Slowly bring your hands back to the earth and continue this movement for 5-7 minutes. Young children can easily do 3 minutes.  Complete the meditation by breathing in and out deeply.

Saa ray saa saa

Saa ray saa saa

Saa ray saa saa saa rang

Har ray har har

Har ray har har

Har ray har har har rang

“Sa” means infinity, the totality of God. It is the element of ether and is subtle and beyond. “Har” is the creative aspect of God, the creativity of the earth. It is a dense element and is the power of manifestation, the tangible, the personal. These sounds are woven together then projected through the sound of “Ang” or complete reality, like the original sound of “Om” and “Ong.”

Practicing this will result in  prosperity, creativity and protection.


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