Living Mandalas



images[1]Last month you learned about mandalas – what they are and what different shapes represent that make them up.  Lets go a bit further with this. Making a living mandala is fun to do in a yoga class or as an activity to keep your children focused and having fun. Doing any mandala is meditative, bringing relaxation for the mind and body.

To get started you will need to fine a flat and smooth place to work and then mark out the circle with chalk or a soft pencil. With the circle you can create different shapes. You can also use a table cloth, one color and no patterns and start with the inner point of a circle and build upon it. The mandala may get quite large.

You can also mark any patterns you want to have in the mandala or let your creativity choose the patterns or shapes within the mandala. So working from the centre of the circle outwards, you will pour in or place some of the food materials. For example, pasta shapes can be made into a spiral pattern or oats could be piled into clouds or mountains.

As you can see food comes in many shapes, textures, colors etc. and is part of our connection with the world.  It is a living palette of color and texture to create our own personal mandala.

While creating the living mandala, you can add to the relaxation by playing soft meditative music, setting the tone for the activity.


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