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Two Summer Breaths – Green Breath & Easy Breath

images[7]Green Breath

 Enjoy some time with your family in nature. Children love to be in or under trees and to pick flowers so they will not hesitate to play in nature.

This reminds me of a  recent story, a real life example of “Alchemy”. Last summer I was doing a yoga class in the park and one of the girls in the class was interested in the clover grass and put her hand thoughtfully down beside her yoga mat and picked a 4 leaf clover, so effortless. What are the chances of doing this? She was just in the moment, had no expectations and was just enjoying herself. At these times, life gives us special experiences when we are natural and have a sense of wonder. I personally think she has the “Alchemist” in her. The fairies certainly were close by!  See how powerful it is to be open to all possibilities and children are especially “open” to miracles.

Now back to the breath that too is transformative. Sitting with your children in nature, close your eyes and slowly breathe in oxygen with a long deep breath – in through your nose and out through your nose. Imagine being filled with green energy that makes you feel alive and healthy. 

Slowly exhale and imagine the carbon dioxide you breathed out is filling all the plants with well-being. Repeat this several times.

We relay on the trees and other plants to stay alive as we breathe in the oxygen they make and they breathe in the carbon dioxide we breathe out.  We are very connected to nature and all of Mother Earth.

The next breath is called – EASY BREATH.

You may enjoy lying in a hammock for this breath or lie under a tree.  Close your eyes and imagine your belly is an ocean and your breath, the waves. As the waves roll in, you breathe in and as the waves roll out, you breathe out.

Let your breath flow effortlessly and watch it happen like the ocean at the beach. Also, when you breathe into your belly instead of your chest, you tell your body to relax.  And yes, when you Relax, you become energized and ready to create in the moment. Remember our breath helps the Alchemist create wonderful things!




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