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Summer Teacher Training – “The Gift of Children’s Smiles!


The Gift of Children’s Smiles – Article in Tone Magazine, July/August

Have you noticed the many flavours of expression in children? They are passionate, happy and spontaneous as they embrace the present. However, with time, they become more involved in the external world and begin to experience the “ego” of others and learn to relate from an “I” perspective. They begin to lose their sense of innocence as they interact with the outside world. They quickly learn that they need to “perform” and to “compete” with other children in order to climb the success ladder. So much for children having fun climbing trees! No wonder children become stressed, act out, develop health problems, have insomnia and do poorly in school. They find the world an overwhelming place to live in.

Our North American society has put a lot of emphasis on the search for “happiness and success”: in school, university, in one’s career and with relationships. How successful has this been? On average children smile 400 times a day, so people feel happier around them. Happy people still smile 40-50 times a day and the average is less than 11 times a day according to the “Science of Smiling”. Another reason for laughter yoga!

Children are in touch with their inner world and want to balance it with their external life. So it is not surprising that many schools are now providing mindfulness training, yoga and meditation classes and having good results.

As a yoga teacher and trainer, I experience the joy and innocence of young children on a regular basis. If we listen to, observe and give children space to express themselves naturally we can re-discover our own joy which is waiting to be rekindled. They are big Souls in small bodies and have much wisdom to share with us. I am very grateful for their wisdom and what they teach me in every class.

As a parent and or teacher, discover your child within who may be feeling neglected and enjoy the gift of teaching children.

Club Yoga Teacher Training and Parenting Workshops – Registration – Anamda at 613-228-9235 or email Next training – July 24, 25 & 26 at the Bioenergetics Institute. Anamda Sly integrates health promotion and yoga as a Club Yoga teacher, trainer and community nurse and is a graduate of the Bioenergetics Institute holding two certificates in Club Yoga teacher training (children & teen yoga).


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