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Wash Away and Regenerate


July is the month for “regeneration”, a time to reflect, rest and allow life to flow naturally through us. The whole family naturally experiences it whether at the lake, camping, checking out cultural events or just relaxing at home in the backyard. 

Turtles are a reminder of how regeneration manifests – simply being, moving at a slower pace. They walk with graceful sliding movements and with direction. So we too, can move with intention and at the same time be gentle with ourselves and our children.

Have you noticed that when we push with our Will to accomplish something that the flow is not natural or smooth? Taking a break for a minute, a day or a whole week or more gives distance and time to resolve the question or idea sprouting in our mind. Children reflect this to us when playing quietly with their toys with no agenda in mind. 

Standing still in nature is a way to just be and to be totally present to the elements. Standing in the rain and experiencing the wonder of rain drops washing over our body is a great example of “regeneration”.  See the joyous wonder in this boy’s face as he becomes the raindrops.

Here are some yoga moves to wash away or let go of things that seem stale like a recurrent thought, emotion or way of behaving that brings a negative response to you.  This is fun for the whole family to do!

Think of something you want to let go of and imagine it washing out. Stand with your arms hanging. First, twist your hips so your arms swing out and wrap around you, first one way and then the other.  Repeat this until you feel clean and clear.

Now think of something you want to have more of. Lets tap into our imagination. Start tapping at the top of your head and tap down the front of your body to your toes and then tap up the back of your body from your heals to your head. Next, tap across both shoulders and down and up your arms. Again, repeat until you feel clean and clear. Remember you can wash out what feels heavy and tap into what makes your feel light.


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