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With the change in pace during autumn it is fun to do some quiet yoga games in the park, woods or backyard. With the rainbow of fall colours playing in the fallen leaves is a good way to start – just rolling and tumbling about with big belly laughs!

Once this energy is released, children enjoy some quiet games. A group of children can lie in the dry leaves and form a snake. It is called the “Breathing Snake”.  Everybody lies down with knees bent up with each child’s head on someone else’s tummy. You will feel your friend’s tummy moving up as the breath goes in and moving down as the breath goes out.

Another game is to sit quietly with friends in groups of two. Sit very tall with your backs touching each other all the way up. It is like being in easy pose together. Breathe in and out slowly in time with each other. Listen to each other’s rhythm of breathing and you will naturally synchronize.  Sit as still as you can for 3 minutes. Then switch your partner and do again and then share with your friends how it felt and what happened. Did you notice a change in your breath – slower or feeling more relaxed after sitting quietly with this breath for 3 minutes?

As a group you can use your imagination and make other quiet games using different animals. For example, how would you sit like a quiet turtle in front of a partner?


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