Yoga for Halloween



These poses are fun to do at Halloween before going to your party or during trick and treating. Form a circle with other children and do all the Halloween characters together and then one person leads by doing the first pose and person to the right does the second pose and so forth. Have fun!

GHOST– Stand in Mountain Pose, standing straight with your legs hip distance apart and arms straight and by your side. Move your arms like you are a ghost moving through a haunted house.

MOON – Standing in Mountain pose raise your hands above your head and reach for the moon and then bring your hands around your head in the shape of a circle, like a full moon imagine the color white.

CROOKED TREE – Go into tree pose with one leg up and place it on the inside of your other thigh arms up and sway like a tree feeling the dark wind of Halloween all around you.

WITCH OF THE NORTH – Still in Mountain Pose and bend your knees and put your broomstick through your legs and imagine you are flying to the Moon and back.

HANGING BAT – Do a Forward Bend moving out of Mountain Pose and bending forward and put your hands through your legs, hanging like a bat.

HAUNTED HOUSE – Go into Downward Dog with your buttocks high in the air and imagine you are the roof of a haunted house, creaking in the wind.

SCARY BLACK SPIDER – Kneeling on your knees, place your hands on the floor in front of you and then put your feet on the floor (either side of hands) and reach behind you putting your hands on your mat. Then move your body back and forth, side to side like a spider.

ANGRY BLACK CAT – On your hands and knees, arch your back like a mad cat with head pointed down and make a big angry – MEOW.

LIT PUMPKIN – Imagine you are a lit pumpkin by lying down in baby pose. Feel round and orange with lots of light inside your hallow pumpkin. Feel this light moving through your whole body.




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