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Practical Awakening Course


PRACTICAL AWAKENING is a course delivered to anyone wanting to be more in align with life purpose and authentic living. It allows one to go deeper into meditation, yoga practice and being totally present and responsible for one’s life. It will give you the tools to stay balanced during stressful times, with life transitions and with the normal challenges of daily living.

It is a program that is not affiliated with any dogma and is geared to people who want to discover their true essence & life purpose through self-inquiry, contemplation and meditation.

It will give you a good foundation to meet any challenge in your life and will teach you:

  • your whole bioenergetic structure
  • how to manage/express your emotions
  • holistic healing practice to balance your body, mind and spirit
  • a daily meditation practice to do for 40 days and can be applied for your whole life which includes breathing techniques to cleanse your whole body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual




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