Club Yoga Teacher Trainer

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  As a life-long promoter and seeker of healthy living and wellness for individuals and families, Anamda has over 35 years of experience as a community health nurse (Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science from Queen’s University) and as a children’s yoga trainer and teacher. Since 2000, she has studied yoga and holistic health principles (including Ayurveda, natural healing, bioenergetics) with Berdhanya Swami Tierra.

Anamda has served and partnered with Berdhanya Swami Tierra, the Founder of Club Yoga (2000), a children, teen & family yoga program. She has over twelve years of experience as a certified trainer and teacher with Club Yoga which has opened the space for many children (including children with physical & developmental handicaps), teens and new teachers to discover and spread the benefits of yoga. Through Berdhanya’s teachings, Anamda holds two certificates in Club Yoga teacher training (children & teen yoga) as well as extensive training in Kundalini yoga.

She also teaches “Practical Awakenings”, a training program to help parents, yoga teachers and educators go deeper into the practice of yoga for balanced and healthy living. Some yoga workshops include parenting workshops, Mom & Baby Yoga, enrichment workshops for trained Club Yoga teachers and 1:1 yoga classes to parents/educators/children.

Her approach includes bringing innocence, fun, creativity and wholeness to the teachings for children, teens and adults. She brings great leadership, knowledge and experience to her teaching.


Founding Club Yoga Teacher

Berdhanya Swami Tierra, the Founder of the Bioenergetics Institute in Ottawa founded Club Yoga in 2001.  She is a (Level 2 trained), Kundalini Yoga teacher with thirty years dedication to raising human consciousness Internationally through personal and social transformation.  For more information about her teachings and courses go to www.bhuvaneswari.ca


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